Just deleted Cortana


Being in the UK means Cortana never really functioned completely. It took years to be properly supported on my Windowsphone(s) and, although it did most of what I wanted, it didn’t quite get “British sports”, news and other things that worked in the USA. Flight information was “iffy” and no smart speakers either. It needed to work everywhere but it didn’t work well anywhere.

So reading here, and elsewhere, that Cortana’s death as a standalone assistant was happening I removed her. I got a iphone 8 plus secondhand a while back so it’s just an app. It’s also now part of the retreat from Microsoft consumer. Cortana is rebranded as “clippy 2.0” for Office. Not so much AI as “I see you are making an appointment would you like some help?”.

From your most personal assistant on your Windowsphone to merely a bit of help on an app, It’s OK. It never worked properly outside the USA. It never worked at all in most of the the world. Professionally, as someone who works as an Office 365 Admin, Microsoft is great. As a consumer it’s heading for zero interest.

Cortana I hardly got to know you at all. With only slow decline to watch I am putting you out of your misery and deleting you today.

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