Kindle Cloud Reader on Microsoft Edge Mobile


Good day all, just wanted to see if anyone has successfully used the Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader on the newest (Fast Ring) version of Microsoft Edge mobile.

I have a Lumia 950 XL (RM-1116) running Insider Build 15063 and I have been trying in vain to properly load the kindle cloud reader webpage using Edge mobile (browser set to use desktop webpages by default) as well as Monument browser both with no joy. I am able to log into the site, have the app download for offline use, and can see the first few entries in my Kindle library, Unfortunately, the website seems to crash and will not scroll at all, nor can I call up the menu bar by clicking or tapping on the screen. This is made even more curious as the Kindle Cloud Reader page renders and functions perfectly on Edge for Desktop.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as the lack of Kindle is the one app/service that prevents me from using my Lumia as my daily driver, and yes I have tried the Kindle app and as others have mentioned I cannot log in. Thank you in advance,

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  1. phytio

    I would say that it isn't amazing, but there is a Kindle app that works on W10M. Is that not generally available?

  2. h8zgray

    Good morning phytio, thank you for the reply. Sadly, even though the version 2 Kindle app is technically available in the store, I am no longer able to successfully log into my Amazon account within the app, thus the desire to find an alternative, Cheers!

  3. phytio

    That's a killer! If the Kindle app stopped working I think I'd have to get a new phone there and then. Is Amazon shutting down the app? Personally I have loads of devices associated with Kindle, but I did remove a number a while ago. Perhaps you've reached the device limit? I bet you've already thought of all this though!

    I've had a look and I can access the Cloud Reader and login successfully. Viewing books is a little problematic - I can view books on the latest fast ring build, but unless I have the phone in portrait some of the page is cut off. When I view my library I can't scroll by swiping, but if I'm careful I can use the scroll bar at the side. I can't call up the menu bar generally.

  4. Gramenos Gregoriadis

    Unfortunately can't help with the cloud reader, but regarding the Kindle app, login requires two-factor authentication.  Once you attempt to log in with your credentials, you should receive an email with a time-sensitive code to input in the password field.  Check to see if it wasn't filtered into your junk mail folder.

  5. h8zgray

    Thank you everyone, I will try to log in using the TFA.

  6. phytio

    Well thank God for mennogreg! I had to perform a hard reset and found myself in this exact position, and it did indeed work for me...