Lumia 550 vs. 650


I have a SIM card from work (and a Moto G4 2nd gen which I really don’t want to use) and the only thing I still need it for is work-related international calling. 

Thus, I’m contemplating getting a Windows 10 Mobile device since apps don’t matter (have a good Android main phone for that) and it would be nice to have smthn different on my desk for such usage. I guess I also would like to get in a few mins of Age of Empires: Castle Siege on breaks, so that would be a bonus 🙂

On the local version of eBay I found the 550 for 50$ and the 650 for 65$…both new-in-box, the main difference between them seems to be the OLED screen and the 16GB of storage on the 650.

What would you get? Should I contemplate a 640 instead?  


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  1. 9201

    650, currently my main phone. Albeit W10M is not as pleasant experience as WP8.1 was on my previous Lumia 925.

    AOE:CS gets pretty tedious though.

  2. 313

    Get the 650. Feels much better in the hand, the extra storage is worth it, and the screen is actually great.


    It's $15. get the better device.

  3. 10021

    I have the Lumia 650 and its a great mobile in my opinion. Lightweight and easy to use


  4. 224

    650 it will be, then :) Thanks!

  5. 224

    Well, I got the 650 and I gotta say, first impressions are highly positive...haven't had a Windows Phone since the WP7 days, but love how the interface has evolved and it connects with various services on my Windows 10 PC. This is a very solid, legitimate alternative phone OS, it's a huge shame there is no development for it. And the phone itself is pretty nice as well, love the screen.