Microsoft Android launcher bug?


Hey everyone. So correct me if I’m wrong, but for those of us using the Microsoft launcher on our Android phones, it just got overhauled, correct?

So here’s something weird that happened with mine. After it installed I noticed that it “re-created” a group I had once deleted called “Productivity.” And in that group were a couple of icons; one was a shortcut to Todoist (which I no longer use, I now use Microsoft To Do), and I forget what the other one was. But the funny thing is, when I tapped that group to open it, it didn’t open the group, it opened the eBay app!

Bizarre. So I just deleted that group and re-pinned the eBay app.

Anyone else experiencing any issues?

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  1. Shel Dyck

    I've only had the wrong app open thing once so far, but screen rotation on LG dual screens continues to do weird things with icon locations on the home screen.

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