Microsoft Digital Lives from 2007. Where did it go?


One of the videos I think tells us a lot about change at Microsoft and their mobile strategy is this little digital life video;



Microsoft products are everywhere in this vision. Instant Messaging, phone, maps and location, music, directions etc etc.

The vision was not imaginary because these were working consumer facing products.

As you watch this old looking world you have sense that each product is now done by Apple and Google in an integrated ecosystem whereas Microsoft managed to evolve every item in the list to something that doesn’t work as an ecosystem.

Microsoft clearly had a vision of mobile and ecosystems blending together and then made a total mess of all of them.

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  1. 5496

    All of this is already in Windows 10 and Windows phone.

  2. 7065



    Whatever they did or did not make a mess of that was a super cool video to watch.

    As much as people hated Vista it realy was a start down the road to where we are now.

  3. 399

    There's a fundamental problem with the video - the target market is 18-35s but the take away message of it is "all the Microsoft tools in the world won't get you laid".