Microsoft Lumia disappearing into statistical black hole


According to this recent article if your phone is not IOS or Android is part of a 0.3% market share.

This is not Windowsphone. This is Microsoft, Blackberry and everyone else who makes a phone that hasn’t got Android or IOS on it. Theoretically Microsoft share of 0.3% could be 0.00001%.

Of course Windows 10 Mobile is just a compiler option on Windows 10 builds with some different libraries. Most serious writers about Microsoft have called time on it’s mobile platform, Microsoft employees dont use it, Microsoft executives dont use it, most retailers dont stock it, many carriers can’t remember ever selling it. 

Microsoft execs never really talk about phone. They vaguely mutter something about “supporting Lumia” or “mobile devices” or “mobile experiences”. 

Full disclosure. I use a Lumia 950 everyday but I am resigned to an almost app free experience. There is some stuff there; a news feed, twitter, facebook and spotify. It’s not great. People have spent money and are having a second class mobile experience by staying in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Microsoft need to put this thing down. It’s wounded. There has been nothing released by them in a year. OEMs are thin on the ground and gaining a huge market share of Windows 10 Mobile wont add up to 1% of the mobile market.

Microsoft should treat it’s customers like adults. No doublespeak. The mobile game is done. Kill the platform and move on.  


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