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I try to use Microsoft services on my Android phone. This isn’t just being a Microsoft “fan” but rather being compatible across devices.

On my PC Bing Maps has a lot of favourites and collections. Bing Maps is there because I have a Windowsphone. I now have moved, mainly because Windowsphone has been abandoned. I would like to carry on using my Lumia 950 but that’s a different story. 

Google Maps on Android is clearly an excellent app. It is probably the best maps app. However it carries the baggage of being connected to the Google ecosystem rather than what remains of the Microsoft ecosystem.

If you look for Bing in the Google Play Store there is the Bing search app. It doesn’t include maps. If you look for Bing Maps there seems no official app. However, we are living in the world of PWA. So I type On a PC this gets you to Bing Maps. On Edge with an Android phone it takes you to Bing search. No maps.

As Microsoft abandons consumer services it seems to not even provide a way of getting to the Bing Maps website on mobile. Bing Maps does seem to sell services to enterprise customers. It seems the retail offering has given up the ground to Google like much else in the consumer space.

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    Just use Google Maps. Not sure what you mean by baggage, but it's the best app by far. And it works everywhere.

    • Simard57

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      I would like to import the favorites I already created into whatever map program I use -- it is not always obvious to do so.

    • ponsaelius

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      Of course. But I have favourites and collections in Bing Maps.

      On a wider canvas it's another service in the Microsoft ecosystem that is deprecated in mobile. If Microsoft wants me to "continue on a PC" it's odd it wants me to use Google services.

    • Jules Wombat

      In reply to paul-thurrott:

      Is Google Maps the Best ? maybe in general. But do Google Maps support Speed Limit Warnings globally yet (or at least in Europe UK yet) I find this invaluable driving service on my Windows Phone HERE Maps, when driving in unfamilair territary. Nokia Drive with HERE Maps have provided thresholded Speed limit warnings on WP for many years now.

  2. arunphilip

    I recall downloading my favourites from Here Maps in text format - a simple name/label + lat/long a few years ago (back when Here Maps removed support for something, and I realized I had to move to Windows Maps).

    Can you check if the reverse is possible now? i.e. import favourites into Here Maps from Windows Maps? If so, that might allow you to pull your favourites down in text format.

    PS: I tried opening in Edge on Android using 'view desktop site' and it politely told me my browser isn't supported, and asked me to use Edge, IE, or Chrome :-). It doesn't redirect to, however.