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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know how to lock a particular font size for Outlook for Android?  It seems that (primarily HTML or RTF) e-mails come in at extremely small text sizes, and I either have to landscape or pinch and zoom to even read them.

Any help appreciated.

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  1. 5081

    I have the same issue. To make it more annoying, when I first open an email, it briefly flashes up in a legible font size, but then quickly rescales? to an illegible font size. Pinch to zoom does not follow text so there is much zooming and page scrolling to try and read emails.

    • 230

      In reply to Mark2:

      Yes to all. It is a pain in the a** in what is otherwise a great program.  To top it off - it's my exchange account only.  Doesn't seem to happen with my gmail account.

    • xyzPeter

      In reply to Mark2:

      Hi Mark, Ommoran, Lewk,

      I'm seeing the same thing too. It seems to be confined to emails that have inline images. The text renders, then the left side of the inline image renders, then the image and text both shrink such that the image fits the screen width. Changing to landscape helps, since the image and text both scale up to the new screen width.

      It seems that the image should scale to the screen width, but that the text size should not scale with the image.

  2. 996

    Same here, super small on my android. Works fine on iOS and my Windows 10 Mobile though :/