Outlook for Android issues


Hi all

I’m not sure whether I’m the only one experiencing these issues but Outlook for Android has become really slow lately even though I’m running it on a Samsung Galaxy S9+ with plenty of processing power and RAM. In general, I’m starting to get really fed up with this app.

  1. Attachments in older emails don’t appear. I literally have to open OWA through Chrome to search for older emails and download attachments.
  2. Search is broken – it doesn’t do a server-side search for emails, only whatever is locally in cache. Useless.
  3. You can’t search the calendar.
  4. Dropbox/OneDrive integration is clumsy.
  5. It doesn’t have rich text formatting or rich text signatures
  6. notifications are buggy and often delayed
  7. Calendar options are really limited – e.g. it doesn’t allow multiple notifications/reminders
  8. Did I mention that the app is S-L-O-W (and I’m only running two Office 365 accounts). Sometimes opening the hamburger, you just get a blank screen with no folders to select. They appear 20 seconds later.

I feel like the app was really good to begin with but just seems to never improve. We’ve had a lot of skin-deep changes but the basic functionality remains the same. I’ve raised these issues with the in-app support and 99% of the time the answer is “reset the account” or “it will take several updates before anything happens, we’re sorry”.

Interested to hear what others think, but I’ve finally given up and after two and a half years, I’ve moved to the Nine app, which seems to work beautifully so far.

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