Paul is going to hate this line of logic


So it is no secret that Progressive Web Apps are the future for the majority of development. Most major popular applications are looking for how they can implement their app as a PWA. It obviously saves lots of money and time because their is only one target platform with one set of tools.

The really interesting thing to me is how PWAs are beginning to eat into mobile app development. There seems to be a movement where tech companies are trying again to move back to using their website as their only product. I’ve seen demos from Twitter and Lyft where their entire app happens through a browser. If this trend continues then Microsoft’s position to break back into mobile is looking better and better.

What do you think, do PWAs give new life to a mobile device from Microsoft?

(sorry for the click-bait headline. I just thought Paul would cringe at the thought of PWAs being used as an excuse that Windows Mobile is not dead)

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