Phone recommendation for W-10 Mobile


I updated my 635 to Windows 10 Mobile some time ago. It was pretty obvious that it was a bit overwhelmed. It’s always been pretty slow with 10.

On the other hand, I’m far from a phone power-user. My phone is primarily my, well, phone. I actually talk to people on it mostly. I do some texting, but not a lot. I’ll use the GPS and maps to get me around at times. I’ll use the weather app to check the weather, and rarely browse the web. I’m over 50 and using a damn cell phone for most anything productive just plain hurts my eyes. I joke that I’ll never get caught texting while driving; I can’t see my phone without my reading glasses and I can’t see the road with them!

All this is just a long way of saying I could care less about the “app-gap”, and prefer Windows phones. So thanks in advance for your “Windows Phone is dead” comments. I appreciate your concern.

Back to my problems with my 635. While it is on the recommended list for 10, only the 1GB version is and, of course, mine is the 512mb version. I’m running into some obvious signs of this limitation. My camera app, for instance will start, then immediately shut down, same for GPS, and I’ve even had the texting app do the same.

So the question is, on a budget of less than $150 what would you recommend? I don’t need the fastest, most modern thing or a 20 mega-pixel camera, just something that will comfortably run 10 Mobile and a few basic apps. It MUST be unlocked and work on GSM (AT&T via a third party provider).

Right now I’ve found a refurbished 735 on Amazon for $129. It has a quad-core processor and 1GB of RAM. (Seems like a 735 is just a 730 with LTE, or am I missing something?)

Any other ideas?

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