Problem syncing contacts from Android to Outlook


I’m helping my mom set up her first smart phone. All of her contacts were in Outlook. I was able to get them to sync to the default contact app on her Moto E4. I was able to set her default for new contacts to Outlook. The problem I’m running into is that when she adds a contact on her phone, they are not showing up when she goes to

Another minor problem is that when she edits a contact to add a photo, the photo will disappear after a few secs. Could this have something to do with it sycing down from outlook? Thanks

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  1. Bats

    When people say that you can turn an Android phone to a Windows Phone. can never really do that, without a little extra work involved.

    • Sprtfan

      In reply to Bats:

      Thought I had done the extra work that was needed. I had done it in the past using exchange that had worked but thought it was supposed to work now just using Outlook. Turns out that it actually did but took almost a day for the contacts to move from the phone to Not ideal but probably workable.

  2. Sprtfan

    Wanted to update that it ended up syncing from the phone to but took at least several hours. When I checked this morning the contacts had updated.

    The photos do not though and I discovered as long as the contact on has a photo, I can add a photo on the phone and it will stay. If the contact on does not have a photo, it syncs afterward and removes the photo I added on the phone. Not sure why it works this way but I have been able to reproduce it.

  3. AshlyThompson

    Hi :) I also faced this problem after purchasing a new smartphone for my father. I've tried to solve this issue solve this issue with Smart Switch but it duplicated some contact entries and worked more like one-way syncing most of the time. Then I tried 3rd party software and it helped. The only con is the price, but there is a free trial. Anyway, here is Akruto guide:

    Hope this helps

  4. mikeghou

    Just found this. Microsoft strikes again, screwing up an app that used to work. Just found this because I found out my wife's Outlook on Android is not syncing contacts.

    When we first got Android phones, I followed Paul's android for the windows guy and wasted lots of time getting contacts syncing. I needed the functionality immediately and spent $10 on Nine Mail from the play store. Totally worth it. Works great and syncs automatically with extra features like getting enhanced notifications if you get an email from "VIP" contacts.

    Two week full-featured free trial on Nine.

    In the meantime, MSFT had updated the app and it worked automatically so I didn't put Nine on the wife's phone. Now it doesn't. A prime example of why MSFT has failed at mobile.

    Just pay for Nine. A free app that don't work isn't free.

    Uptate: Just checked and unfortunately, the price of Nine has gone back up to $14.99. It had been $20 but they were having a special $10 price when I got it. It may still be worth it for you.

    • Orin

      In reply to mikeghou:

      This. I've tried switching from Nine to Outlook at least 3 times over the past 6 months. Contacts back and forth syncing has never worked properly in Outlook for me and I always revert back to Nine. I don't know why I even bother with the Android Outlook application anymore.

      • Larry Davidson

        Ditto for everything you said, except I never bother with the Android Outlook app anymore. In the past, I tried switching back to Outlook every time MS came out with some supposedly "new" functionality, hoping that the new revision would fix all the problems. Nope, never did. My advice to anyone wanting Outlook Desktop functionality is to buy Nine and never look back.

    • ponsaelius

      In reply to mikeghou:

      Agreed. Nine is the way to go. I would even prefer standalone contact and calendar apps like WindowsPhone. With the screen space at a premium the Outlook app performs each function sub-optimally.