PWA – Solving the app gap on Future Window Mobile Device


Just thinking out loud here…

If Progressive Web Apps catch on over the next couple of years, could it be possible that when Microsoft relaunches its mobile efforts that the biggest issue with their last mobile strategy (app gap) is solved?

If so, would it make sense for them to get back into the mobile space? Is a new form factor or differentiation from the current market even necessary at that point?

It seems like they could release a version of a Microsoft Phone into the market and gain some traction. (At least sell as much hardware as the Essential, or the OnePlus.) It couldn’t be any bigger of a failure than the last time.

I know that they don’t want to re-enter without adding value or differentiation (like an Andromeda device, or a two-screen device, or something else that doesn’t exist) but I feel like if Windows Phone would’ve been launched in an Era of PWAs, it may have caught on. Especially if they did a better job of promoting the device with key influencers, like people that sell cell phones, IT managers, celebrities, etc.

You would think it would be worth it just to have the Mobile platform chugging along whether it is super successful or not.

I would think that not having not having a Mobile Mixed Reality story or a Mobile Digital Assistant story would be harmful to the company.

I’m not saying it would be the next billion dollar business, but it seems like it would be worth it to be in the space even if it was a break-even business.

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