Signed up For Samsung Access Office 365


So I signed up for Samsung Access with office 365 I also got a pair of surface buds and new Surface Laptop 3 coming. First time I am every going all in with Android and Microsoft Surface any thoughts ideas, suggestions?

I have been an iPhone user for years and I still use a mac on and off from time for work.

Looking forward to jumping in with both feet.

Samsung Subscription Service Ties Galaxy S20 to Microsoft 365 Personal

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  1. arnstarr

    Use the Your Phone app on the laptop to connect the PC to the Samsung.

    Install Onedrive app on the phone and configure it to backup photos to Onedrive cloud.

    On the PC enable the Onedrive backup feature. save your documents to Desktop or Documents folders. Then those files will be automatically uploaded to to cloud, and accessible on your phone too.

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