surface phone "leak" photos


What do you guys think? is it real?

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    It's clearly a fake because it's there. There's no Surface Phone. Get over it.

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    I hope not, looks like a Lumia Icon that has been stretched a bit...I dont believe these are real. 

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    Fakes... Even in the first photo, the front and back are not the same size.  Microsoft isn't going to do this right now.  They are still laying a foundation for it with W10oArm (provided they ever plan to go this route).


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    Microsoft's version of a phone is not going to look like this. They are going to move beyond being simply a phone with little apps on it. Expect something very different in design.

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    Other "leaks" I've seen don't look anything like this.  My guess is they are all fakes.

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    The USB-C port internals are far too big to have a capacitive button and screen glass directly above it like that.

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    Thanks i got worried that this was all Microsoft could come up with. Silently i'm hoping on a foldable screen design like Samsung showed off a few years ago. It would be nice to have pocket edition of a surface tablet :D.

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    This isn't a category defining device. It's just a phone. Also, this looks like a 3D printed phone that was designed from a concept I saw a while back.

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    Boring. I want westworld tablet. Great screen, right form factor. Tired of 10 years of "revolutionary" bricks.

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