The biggest reason Microsoft should NOT give up on Windows Phone.


Windows Phone over the years, hasn’t been overly successful, and this obviously due to Android and iOS! Windows Phone had a big swing around when Windows 8 came out. It also has had a lot of great hardware, especially the Nokia Lumia line.

The biggest fault with Android and iOS, is they have a lot of powerful hardware. Some to not at all, can become computers, by being plugged into a monitor, and used with periphreals. Now with everyone carrying a phone around, why not use it as your desktop too? Why have such a powerful computer in your pocket, that can’t be fully utilized?

This leads to, the biggest reason, Microsoft should not give up on Windows Phone, is the Continuum feature! Although Windows Phone is lacking in apps and popularity. The biggest asset it has is Continuum. Continuum allows a phone to be plugged in, and be used as almost, a full fledged PC. For many people, this would be a huge plus. Especially that they don’t have to switch between devices. Also, can keep everything on one device.

Microsoft is already known for Windows on the desktop, laptops, tablets. Why not be known for the Windows that can flex between a phone, and desktop?

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