The Microsoft Tease


As a Windowsphone fan I still have my Lumia 950 in a drawer but my daily driver is currently a Galaxy S6. I would love to use the Lumia but it is now so app free that I would struggle to use it for what I need.

I still take it out, update it, and wish it was more useful. However I recognise a dead platform.

Microsoft doesn’t. It is in constant tease mode. They say we are not finished with mobile yet. We haven’t abandoned mobile. We want to provide mobile experiences.

It’s double talk. If you want to buy a Lumia today then ebay is your best bet not Microsoft. They have killed the entire consumer ecosystem and as markets where they used to have more than 10% share have no stock of new product they are reducing. Users are moving and for all practical purposes a Microsoft mobile is an Android phone with apps.

Yet there is tease from Microsoft. Microsoft need to take their first party devices off death row and just kill them formally. Just announce Microsoft making first party devices is over. Just say the “feature2” branch will fix a new bug or two but the only “feature” will be to change the date in the copyright message.

Put the last consumers out of their misery. Stop them interpreting every time the word “mobile” is mentioned as some kind of hope. Help these people have closure. They deserve at least a good bye Windowsphone party.

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