The time for Teams?


Now seems like an opportunity for Microsoft to start making a push for non-business Teams. It has been able to compete with Slack in the workplace, but could it do the same with Android and iOS for mobile?

With Teams you have ability to text, call, share media, cloud storage, Office integration, calendar, multiple profiles, share passwords and potentially roll features from Your Phone into it which makes it almost a one stop shop for communication. It is device agnostic so the hardware that you are using does not matter. With the world shifting to a more mobile environment, there may be an advantage of being able to switch between business and personal realms (the whole “don’t break your workflow” that Panay talked about for Duo). It could be used in your car with Android Auto and CarPlay. Also, Teams could fill the gap if Chinese communication companies are banned from the US (maybe a free subscription with TikTok installed!).

The biggest challenge would be getting people to make the switch in their personal lives. How could they appeal to someone to have yet another subscription or account to manage or break away from using their comfortable Google/Apple ecosystems? Personally, I could see transitioning over to an all Microsoft personality (instead of Google/Microsoft) but for friends/family that are not tech savvy I do not know what it would take for them to make the switch. It seems like if there was anytime for getting people interested in Teams, now would be it.

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  1. Vladimir Carli

    Apple communications (iMessage and FaceTime) are very strong and easy to use. I don’t see those people going out of their walled garden ever.

    Regarding all the others and those who need cross-platform communication I don’t know what is the situation in the US. In Europe it’s completely dominated by Facebook with messenger and whatsapp. Competition will be though

  2. anoldamigauser

    I think that the problem is that people are part of too many "teams" have your family, friends, probably several different circles, work, again probably several different groups there as well, and you would have to set that all up and manage it. Then you have one app that is constantly bombarding you with notifications, and you have to resolve which team, how important...

    Inertia is a powerful thing, and people are handling things today.

  3. Vladimir Carli

    In reply to bkkcanuck:

    ‘I think it depends what people around you use. I send iMessages and call on FaceTime 80% of the people I know, including my entire family, and I would never use anything else.

    regarding teams I would like to try it but I can’t login with my personal account. When is it supposed to be active?

  4. wright_is

    I think it is too late. We've had alternatives for over half a decade now. Most people have already settled on Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram, Threema or whatever. It is hard enough getting them to install another of these, when they are free, let alone when they then have to pay a subscription.

  5. michael_goff

    I think that's what Teams for Personal Life is about, the thing that's very slowly rolling out. I have it on my phone and I use it to talk to my family. It works pretty good. I just wish they'd get to work on making it work on the desktop or web.