Turning a Andoird phone into a Microsoft productity device


Ok.  I will admit my family and I have been using Windows OS on our phones since WP7.  The not much happening in this area for personal phone use I decided to start my investigation of using inexpensive Android device as a replacement.  I found the BLU HD1 at Amazon a really snappy phone with expandable storage and unlocked and works on most LTE/GSM providers such as T-Mobile for me. 

The painful part is getting all the software up and running from MS but using their Microsoft Apps app does get you started.

 I think Paul published this article a while back:  https://www.thurrott.com/mobile/android/65952/android-windows-guy-choose-right-smartphone  but I think its a bit dated and could use a more focused one on being Microsoft app centric.

 As I work thought this phone (it’s for my wife).  She will be the test case to see how seamless the experience transfers over. 

I will try to cronical my experience but if anyone else has done this can you point to any good reference sites?






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