Windows Phone Account Sync problems 0x85010014 errors


Anyone else here having recent problems syncing their mobiles phones to their main MS account ?  

My trusty old Lumia 925 started to lose sync, with my main MS account, Calendar. It refused to sync, and reported 0x850010014 errors.  It was running WP8.1 and out of warranty, so little to now support expected. Hard Resets failed to help sync against my main MS account [not realistic to delete and recreate as some MS support staff seem to have suggested.]

But having got a brand new Lumia 650 WP10, I still cannot sync against my main account, despite it working on my PCs and SP4 etc. None of my phone Outlook Contacts, Calendar appointments will sync, even though Cortana can see upcoming appointments.   Hoping its just a temporary [] server thing, but its been a couple of weeks now, and as with most things with WP these days, its left ti the users to flounder around the web searching for clues.  

So now I have two useless Lumia Windows Phones, and little to no Microsoft support (They do not acknowledge any of the problems some of us have been reporting on Windows Phone sync on various forums)

I guess Microsoft isn’t bothered about even supporting ‘new’ WP consumers now.

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