Windows Phone with best battery life?


Hi, I’m looking for a phone with great battery life. But it shouldn’t be as expensive as the HP Elite X3 which seems to have a very very big battery.

I was thinking about the Lumia 1520 or maybe the Lumia 640 XL? Or are there other phones?

I’m using the Lumia 950 XL as my main phone. It’s a great device and I really love it, except the battery life.

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  1. 2131

    At one time, the 1520 and 920 had excellent battery life. I noticed that Windows 10 really sucks it down more than 8.x ever did. Granted, it is a much more capable OS, but after having the 1520 on Windows 10 for some time, battery life was no longer a huge plus for the platform any longer. You're just going to have to do what every other smartphone user does - carry a portable charger, or in the case of the 950 XL, a spare battery, if you so choose. My 6P only lasts me about 9-10 hours anymore.

  2. 4769

    Yeah but that's excatly my question how good is the battery life of the Lumia 640 XL in comparision to the Lumia 1520 in Windows 10? I know back then the 1520 haf excellent battery life, but how is it in win 10 and compared to the Lumia 640 XL.