Can’t download some rented movies from the store anymore, and microsoft support


Just a little rant.

So, my daughter wanted to download ‘A Star is Born’ from the Microsoft Store to watch on her laptop during a flight. She rented it through the Movies & TV app, just like we’ve done this for flights in our family for many years now. Rent a movie, download it and watch it on the plane, just like MS advertises it on their site

Now, after the purchase there was no option to download the movie, only to stream. This has never been the case in the past, so I dug around and after a while called MS support to see what’s up. After maybe 15 minutes, including a remote help session using LogMeIn (why is MS support using LogMeIn?), I was told that this particular movie is a stream only movie, no option to download it. So I asked to get my money refunded.

So another 15 minutes to get connected to billing for the refund, and another 15 minutes with them to go over why I want a refund, him asking his supervisor and all. Finally he says the refund is being processed and I should see it in a few days, so after 40+minutes I’m thinking it’s all good.

Oh no, now he goes into a just one more thing. ‘Did you know that Microsoft Edge is the fastest and best browser…’ That’s when I lost it and told him to just not piss me off anymore.

So just wondering, has anybody ever had this before that you can only stream a movie from the MS Store, not download it? This is totally new to me.

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