Everything Must Go: Original Zune


On Thursday’s episode of the First Ring Daily podcast, I discussed giving away my original Zune.

It’s in good shape. The box is a bit beat up, but I have the charging cable, the original headphones, and the (black) device itself. I believe it works fine, no promises on battery.

To enter to win, just reply to this thread with the words “I’d like the Zune” (and only the words “I’d like the Zune”, with no quotes) before 1 pm ET today and I will randomly select a winner. There’s no purchase necessary—by which I mean you don’t have to be a Thurrott Premium member—and the gift has no inherent value, it’s just sentimental. There’s no location restriction, I can ship this anywhere the US Postal Service ships.

I ask only that you respect and preserve it.