Groove not finding local music library


I’ve got 20+ GB of music in the iTunes media folder. Despite telling Groove to find it (and I *know* it used to see it), it doesn’t look in that folder any more. (I’ve got it looking in both \users\me\music and \users\me\iTunes\media (or what-ever the media folder with the music is.)

It does see the few albums I put on OneDrive to test that on Mobile, but it was looking in the synced folder on the C: drive: in short, I copied it up to OneDrive\Music, and it synced it right back down again. Turned that off right fast once I found that out.

So: any chance of making Groove behave or should I stuck with the Zune software or iTunes for local music? (Or even Amazon’s music player… even *that* gets it right.)

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