Groove on Android cant see SD card?


Anyone else had this, Groove has an option for download content but isn’t seeing the music folder on S7 Edge SD card? Have all the music in OneDrive and can stream fine, how do you get it on the device for off-line use?

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  1. 9174

    I have the same issue.

  2. 6998

    I'm seeing a similar issue on the desktop: it'll see Onedrive fine, but not local content, even though I've gone into settings and told it the folders to look into.

  3. 345

    Good morning, yes I too have been waiting for Groove to support SD card storage for offline accessible music but as of today, 22 DEC 2016 using Groove for Android version 10.1209.1646 that option is presumably not available yet, offline storage is limited to internal phone memory. Hopefully, it will show up in a subsequent update, so its a missing feature, not a problem with your card. Hope this helps.