So Why is Zune still so much better than Groove


I had to rebuild Windows over the weekend, (Just to get Edge and Cortana working again !) so had to rebuild many of my legacy programs, including Zune, so I can rip my CD collection etc.

So Zune Installs OK, and offers to run.

What a pleasant audio and visual experience, showing many images of my artists. Really Great compared to the dull and dreary (unsynchronised) Groove Experience.

Zune may not be cloud based etc, but it demonstrates that at one Microsoft knew how to write compelling consumer software. Even on WP7 Zune was better than teh current groove experience.

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  1. jimchamplin

    The issue still exist after almost two years and we're going into a period of "major redesign." I worry that if they don't improve the core layout and functionality now, then there will never be a chance.

    Zune was a really unique thing for MS. They just got everything right. From hardware to software. In concept, design, and execution it worked right. It seems that since then, the internal orders have been, "Make it function most of the time. Don't try to make it nice. Austere and plain is just fine."

    Maybe they simply expect people to replace this stuff immediately. If so, that's really sad. It's just that it's really seemed like they had no respect for their own work until this year, and Fluent Design will make them have to give their first party software at least the appearance of quality.

  2. engellion

    IMO, Zune Desktop Software was the most beautiful, elegantly designed application to ever come from Redmond. I have it still running on my SP3.

    Groove is trying hard, but just keeps falling short.

    That said, for playlist creation and synching to my Lumia 930, I still turn to Windows Media Player 12. It just works. Every time. No hitches.

    On the desktop nothing has surpassed Zune Desktop Software.