Why ecosystems reallly matter


At the weekend I decided to buy a TV Series. I watched all but one on Netflix but I wanted to binge watch. I took out my (Android) smartphone and used the Google Play Store to buy a series. Later I used the phone to send the series to my TV via Chromecast.

After this I reflected. Three years ago I would have rented video using my Windowsphone and watched it via an Xbox.

Today I use Spotify for my music instead of Xbox Music, primarily because Spotify has a family plan.

My work is all in the Microsoft environment but as a consumer I have an Amazon Echo and my entertainment choices, except for gaming, have moved decisively outside the Microsoft ecosystem.

My wife has a Lumia 950 and pretty soon she will probably want to upgrade he phone. She will probably find it easier at that point to go Google. Going Google is a frictionless processs.

When Microsoft abandoned the first party smartphone market it also headed dramatically towards losing the ecosystem war. They have an app for everything but customers are being nudged towards Google and Apple solutions.

Ecosystems matter, For consumers it seems Microsoft doesn’t have one.

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