Windows 10 Education & the Films and TV app


Anyone else using Windows 10 Education, and having the problem with the Films & TV app not allowing you to access puchased content (the tab to do so just isn’t there).

Found this thread open on the MS site, so its not just me.

Wonder if Paul and Co would be able to nudge Microsoft to see if they’re planning on fixing this.

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  1. Tony Barrett

    I'm assuming this content your're trying to buy has educational value? Still, if MS can have ads for Candy Crush in Windows 10 Enterprise, a Films & TV app in Windows 10 Education doesn't surprise me.

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to ghostrider:

      At one level I can understand skepticism that a TV app would have value in an Education SKU. On another, there could be some benefit from watching episodes of PBS's Nova or Frontline, even (if they exist) old Jacques Cousteau and National Geographic programs. As for movies, less the history but consider the sociology of Civil War reenactors and the movie Gettysburgh.

      I wouldn't say there's a lot of value in a TV and Movies app for Windows 10 Education, but there's more than zero.

    • StevenLayton

      In reply to ghostrider: No, it doesn't have educational value. Staff and students, who use that version of Windows 10, also like to occasionally wind down and watch a film when not working or studying.
      What an odd direction to take the thread.