You don’t have to go far to find out why Groove failed


I work in a Microsoft-centric Enterprise. The whole thing, server, services and cloud. This being Europe a couple of colleagues have old aging Windowsphones and will be moving to Android shortly because they can’t buy a new flagship model.  

It is a pretty well informed office too. Daily news circulations of the latest patches, updates to server, Office 365 and the like.  

So in what the Americans call a “water cooler moment” I was mentioning the end of the Microsoft music service over Christmas. My own history is that I was a subscriber and waited for a family plan to include my wife and nephew but it never came. So I moved to Spotify a couple of years ago. Back to the office. The almost universal reaction was people were totally unaware Microsoft had a music service. You need to remember that Zune devices were “US Only” and Zune was barely mentioned globally. Xbox Music was only released as an app on Windows 8. So the Windows 7 enterprise never saw it. 

One colleague did mention Microsoft’s music service but added that he couldn’t use it because it was for the Xbox and he had a PS4.

All my colleagues have Spotify subscriptions. Mainly because they buy a family plan so their kids are covered. 

I didn’t have to go far to find out why Groove closed.

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