Advanced Visio shapesheet training?


Do you know of educational resources for acquiring in-depth knowledge of Visio shapesheet functionality?

Visio has some very capable features through shapesheets, and the ability to customize is significant. I want to learn more about the inner workings and how to accomplish the scenarios I have planned out. However, I have not found any resources online that match my criteria. It’s all very basic touch-and-go kind of stuff.

Are you aware of any more solid educational resources? Please let me know!

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  1. hrlngrv

    Since this has been up for several hours with no replies, I figure few if any readers make much use of Visio, so have no advice to give. You may need to consider asking about this in MSFT's own community forums. Or search for user-to-user Visio forums.

  2. nerdile

    If you find any, please share them. My team and I have largely switched from Visio to open source solutions because of the ease of generating diagrams based on data. I feel like much of this is probably possible in Visio but it's just hidden behind that inscrutable interface. It would be great to be able to generate diagrams and then tweak them in a UI editor like Visio.

  3. wright_is

    I've never used them, but used to do that sort of thing, it is now part of LinkedIn.

    I used for a couple of years, but that is more systems side stuff, I don't recall them having anything on the application side.

  4. Chris_Kez

    Is my comment— the first reply to this post— not visible? I wonder why that might be. Is it because I included links?

  5. Robert-Hostetler

    If you work for a company that has an enterprise premiere or unified support agreement with Microsoft you may be able to get training through that.

    There is a training area with exclusive content. Your Cloud Success Account Manager at Microsoft can also arrange for something more personalized. Depending on your contract and if they are doing by promotions, that may be totally free or consume some of your annual allotment of hours for this type of activity.

  6. Chris_Kez

    I guess my first post, which included links, was not allowed through. So here it is without the hyperlinks:

    I know nothing about Visio, but some quick searching turned up a few things of interest:

    An OG website (archived now, but still a ton of stuff) that pulled together information from Visio MVPs:

    visio DOT mvps DOT org

    One of those Visio MVP's current website: johnvisiomvp DOT ca

    A series of Visio MVP Sessions (old, but a lot of this stuff never stops being useful): link is too long so just search web for "Get Visio MVP 2010 Sessions"

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