Amazon has M365 family + $50 gift card


Only 6 hours left but Amazon US has black Friday deal Microsoft 365 Family 12-month subscription with Auto-Renewal + $50 Amazon Gift Card.

It looks like they are taking the $50 off at purchase and billing me 54.10 with TX sales tax.

No link just look for Cyber Monday Deals on Amazon’s site but it looks like the deal is only until 1am Monday Central US Time.

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  1. wright_is

    In Germany, it is 75€ for MS365 Family, but only 49.99€, if you buy the package of MS365 + Norton or McAfee... I guess that shows how much those packages devalue your system...

    • navarac

      Also shows how far Microsoft has devalued itself! Norton & McAfee needs to be kept as far away from a computer as you can get it.

      • wright_is

        It is Amazon doing the bundling...

      • Sprtfan

        Sorry, but what does Norton & McAfee have to do with this? Did I miss something? Its just a MS365 Family sun and gift card right?

        • wright_is

          In Germany there was no gift card option available. The big discount package was M365 + either Norton or McAfee, which was 37% cheaper than M365 on its own.

  2. jwpear

    Can this be applied to an existing M365 Family subscription? Is this just a code to apply?

    • harmjr

      I don't know. I had a personal subscription. And purchased this Amazon gave me a code I applied it to my Microsoft account and now it shows a manage link to Amazon. Who I am guessing will try to bill me $99 next year.

    • Sprtfan

      It will change the management of the sub from Microsoft to Amazon. I placed the order and it extended the time of my previous sub. I already had family though so I'm not sure how to will react to the if you are coming from a personal sub. I think I did this several years ago and it prorated my personal into additional months of a family sub but this would have been through MS not Amazon.

    • wright_is

      Yes, you get a subscription code, which you add to your Microsoft account and it will extend the subscription.

  3. tatarin

    In the past, I had difficulty with Amazon subscription management not allowing me to use an Office 365 Family product key purchased from Microsoft until after the Amazon subscription expired. So I had to wait until the day after the Amazon subscription expired to use the Microsoft key.

    Staples is currently offering a 15 month $69.99 subscription to Office 365 Family. The link they provided allowed me to extend my current Office 365 Family subscription by 15 months to August 2023 with no problems.

  4. SansBozo

    You can extend the duration of a Microsoft 365 subscription for up to 5 years. Google: "What happens if I add another Microsoft 365 for home subscription to my account?".