Convert Office 365 Personal to Home


I have done this in the past, but wanted to make sure this still worked. My Office 365 subscription expired today and I have a code for a Office 365 Personal account for 1 year. I should be able to use the code to get Office 365 Personal then convert it to a Office 365 Home account for an additional fee? Thanks

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  1. Sprtfan

    Just wanted to add in the past when upgrading I could select 1 month of Office 365 Home with auto renew for $10 it would convert the Personal account to a Home. I would just buy the Home from the start but would rather not let the Office 365 Personal code that came with my laptop go to waste. Thanks

  2. Paul Thurrott

    • Sprtfan

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      Just wanted to add to this since I always thought this was a loop hole that would be closed. If you activate Office 365 personal, then switch to Office 365 by buying a month at $9.99, you will get 13 months of Office 365 Home for the price of personal +$10.