Feature or work around similar to Sweep in Gmail?


I asked as part of We help Wed pod cast but did’t explain the aspect of Sweep I was looking for and sounded like neither Paul or Brad use it so I was hoping someone on here might have some suggestions.

Sweep can delete all emails from someone, keep the newest and delete all others, delete all emails older than 10 days. It can also automatically delete all future emails from someone but I don’t really care about that.

I found a way to bulk delete email from a specific email address but going to More, Filter messages like these. This will list all the emails from that email address and then you can select all and delete. Cumbersome but works.

I’d really like something that can delete all emails from that are 10 days or older or just keep the last email from someone and delete anything older. Anyone know of a work around or set up that can do this? Thanks

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  1. wunderbar

    There is no way in gmail to accomplish what you're looking for.

    • Sprtfan

      In reply to wunderbar:

      Thanks, I thought Gmail surly had to have something similar and was getting frustrated that I couldn't figure it out. Where my wife works just switched to gmail and has not been going great for them so far.

  2. Simard57

    i don't think Gmail deletes anything - ever