How to enable a calendar that shows up on Outlook 2016 on the desktop and on


I’ve been going round and round on this issue for a year. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

My needs are pretty simple. I want to use Outlook 2016 on my desktop for both email and calendar. AND, I want to be able to check my calendar on my iPhone and my iPad using the Outlook app on each. Sounds pretty simple, right? If so, I can’t figure it out.

I have my own company and a domain that I host with So I have Outlook 2016 set up so I get my emails on the destop via IMAP and also on my iPad via the Outlook app on the iPad/iPhone. Then, I opened and set up my and then added my account to Outlook 2016 on the desktop. 

I can get emails just fine everywhere. It works well. Calendar events, not so well.

Now, on the desktop I have two calendars, the local .pst and When I send a calendar meeting invitation via the rhatcher account it goes just fine and people respond, but, the meeting just shows up on the .pst calendar and not on the calendar. This does me no good.

So, I tried sending a calendar meeting request from the calendar on the desktop only to be met with this error message “This meeting is not in the Calendar folder for this account. Responses to this meeting will not be tallied. Do you want to send anyway?”

Again, this does me no good. It seems that the calendar on the desktop is not the default calendar. I’ve researched how to make it the default and I’ve followed the advice (under Account Settings/Data File to make pst file the default) but it still doesn’t work.

Can someone please help me accomplish what I want to do???

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  1. GeekWithKids

    .his is a very good question and I wish I had an aswer for you.

    I moved my email to Premium domains so that I could have my email and calendar linked.

    I have found no good way to link an IMap account and a calendar.