Is the 1TB Drive Limit Misleading Advertising… or am I missing something?


Having recently bumped up against the insane “20,000” sync item limit I confess I’m astonished this isn’t a bigger deal. Shouldn’t something called “OneDrive” surpass the file capacity of a floppy disk?

Is there really no work around to keep my “E3” level drive contents synched locally beyond 20,000 items?  Am I misunderstanding some common way around this?

If I am not… where’s the push back to the nonsense of 1TB of storage per user?  Are we supposed to manage moving blocks of 20k items in and out of local folders?

I’m really hoping I’m misunderstanding.  Please?

Dave G






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    I don't see what the file size limit has to do with the file sync count limit. I can hit 1TB in way less than 20k files.

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      In reply to maethorechannen:

      The relationship, to me, is that the file count limit is so tiny compared to typical use assocated with that storage size, as to render total size meaningless.  For most users the vast majority of files are less than 50Mb (1TB/20000).

      It just feels like a completely arbitrary and dumb limitation.  And to me, yes, misleading in terms of the reasonable expectation of use.

      Would this appeal to you: "Sync up to 20000 files"?  It feels like a fundamentally different proposition.


      Two cents.  Also still hoping that maybe someone has figured out a clever workaround problem.


      Dave G

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    This might be related to the List View Threshold limit in SharePoint. While you can put more items in the list or library, you cannot return more than 20,000 at the same time, for a given query.

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    I suspect the limitation comes from Azure Blob storage and they way OneDrive is managing blobs.  Although, I'm not entirely sure that's what is backing OneDrive.

    I have about 15 years of digital photos and videos that I sync with OneDrive.  I'm pretty sure I have more than 20,000 files.  I'll have to check.  Although, I manually synced them because OneDrive has the annoying limitation that you can't specify multiple sync locations (as compared to Mesh--which I loved) and the SSD drive that houses my OneDrive folder isn't large enough for my entire digital collection.

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    I don't under the file limit. But I guess this is like a car warranty--"20,000 miles or two years, which ever comes first---basically.

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    With the new client the file limit is gone:

    After a successful preview program, we are happy to report that the OneDrive for Business Next Generation Sync Client is now available for deployment. Our top priorities for this release were improved reliability and performance, as well as delivering core capabilities such as selective sync, support for large files up to 10 GB in size and removing the 20,000 file sync limit.

    Also the limit was only for OneDrive for Business, not for consumer OneDrive.

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      In reply to remco8264:

      As per the response above this was fixed about a year ago in the next generation sync client, if you are hitting a 20k sync limit you must be using the horrible old groove based OneDrive for Business sync client.  I am amazed you managed to even get that to sync 20k files to be honest.

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      In reply to remco8264:

      I'm not intentionally using an old client. I'm using the latest normal build of Windows 10 with updates. I also thought I was using the latest preview or Insider build of office from my Office 365 subscription.

      Anyhow, now I know it's just me and I can figure it out.  I'm actually relieved. Because I had been recommending Office 365 to friends as a pretty good value.

      Thanks everyone.

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    My photos folder is fully sync'd with no issues, and has >40k files.