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I have 4 email accounts that I used to access through Outlook. I have managed to move over to Windows 10 Mail but I am having some challenges that I hope others may be able to chime in on

While in Outlook I could move messages from one account inbox or folder to another account and folder. I do not see how to do this in Mail… Is it possible? Seems when I highlight messages and choose to Move, the only locations are withing that account and I do not see how to choose another accounts folder.


All Mail accounts are using IMAP

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    Yeah this is something that doesn't work in the current version of the Mail app. I too have been burned by this moving from Windows Live Mail 2012. Fingers crossed it'll be available in a future update. There are rumours that a very large update is coming for the Mail UWP app for next year, but no word on when or what new features other than focused inbox and Microsoft moving the email sync service from the OS side to the App side for faster syncing.