Microsoft Todo – major item missing from Wunderlist (Brad, can you help?)


Hi all,

I’ve heard Paul and Maryjo talk about how MS Todo has now reached “feature parity” with Wunderlist, and I’m not intending to parse Paul’s words at all. When he says it, it gives me hope that my most asked for feature has been added – the ability to add a task to Todo by sending an email – similar to being able to send a note to “[email protected]”, and it would parse the e-mail based on the address it was sent from. I know this can be done, as this functionality exists in Onenote in exactly the same way – register your e-mail address, and boom.

I know Paul doesn’t really use a task-minding program. I know my situation is unique – we use Outlook via Exchange on-prem, the store is locked so I can’t get the widget from the Outlook store, and my system is locked down and I can’t install the app. So, I’m limited at work to using Wunderlist as I can e-mail things to become tasks. Or, I can until May.

There is a significant thread about this on User Voice (, but it is not getting any attention. All the attention is a) on flagging, and b) on Outlook via 365 on the web. This is a simple feature that lest people with, say, a gmail account put a task quickly into their todos, not just someone with Outlook.

Help us Bradley Wan-Kenobi. You’re our only hope…

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    To be clear, I never said that I felt that Microsoft ToDo had ever reached feature parity with Wunderlist. I said that Microsoft was killing Wunderlist because it felt that it had.

    Also, what is it you think Brad can do about this? :)

  2. Brad Sams

    Your best bet for getting their attention is tweeting at them...they seem quite responsive.

  3. gregsedwards

    If you can't access the app, then why not just open a browser tab and go to

    Outlook does have direct integration with the To Do service and it's actually pretty elegant. Basically, anything you flag for follow-up in Outlook automatically becomes a task in To Do, and updating the task in To Do marks it as complete in Outlook. But since you mentioned that you're on-prem, that's probably not an option for you, as it relies on the connected services in Office 365.

    Regardless, it sounds to me like you're mostly using To Do as a personal task management tool (as opposed to a business/team tool), so I suppose you could use To Do with your personal Microsoft account, which would be connected to a personal email account.

    And if forwarding email is your preferred workflow, then you should be able to use Power Automate (nĂ©e Microsoft Flow) to script it out (i.e., when mail arrives, if from [email protected], then flag based on the message_id). When you forward a message to [email protected], Power Automate automatically flags it, and the To Do integration handles the rest. It's a bit of a kludge, but it would seem to get the job done.

  4. ommoran

    Thanks for the replies - and I do realize that mine is a very slim use case. Brad, I will try your suggestion of throwing a tweet at them. My particular lockdown is my problem, and frankly I'm working around it in other ways. I would just honestly like to be able to use todo, and would have to use it via the web client or a PWA.

    @Paul, thanks - and sorry to have incorrectly paraphrased you. I get that MS feels it is feature comparative - but this one is a glaring one, and there are a few thousand comments on Uservoice confirming I'm not alone.