New Icons on Android


Just an FYI, I got the new Outlook icon on my phone today. Both the work phone and the private phone.

Still got the old ones on Windows.

The look a little funny in the rounded Android style, with the square corners cut off.

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  1. wright_is

    Interestingly, it is only Outlook. OneNote, OneDrive, Word, Excel and Powerpoint all still have their old icons.

    • TheJoeFin

      In reply to wright_is:

      iOS only saw the Outlook icon update as well. I've also not gotten the new icons on Windows. I don't like the white background on the iOS icon. I think it would look better if icons could have a transparent background. Then the icon could grow a bit too.

      • wright_is

        In reply to TheJoeFin:

        The silly thing with it on Android is that the left side of the "O" gets cut off on the round icon. No white background visible.

        Edit: Okay, I've just switched from the default EMUI launcher to Microsoft Launcher and the icon has shrunk, so that it is all visible in the circle, but with a huge white border...

      • infloop

        In reply to TheJoeFin:

        I agree, the background does make it look odd. That and perhaps the icons are a bit wide. The previous style at least seemed to fit the icon buttons better.

        The new ones look okay by themselves as shown in the video preview on the article pages about them.

  2. navarac

    Compared to those on Windows 10, the Android Outlook icon looks half missing sat in its round white "blob".

  3. yoshi

    I also got it on Android last week. It's a strange rollout, I thought web was going to be first? It's just odd to me that these things take so long for MS to get out. They should probably announce things closer to their rollouts.

  4. dcdevito

    I have it too. Don't know why, but I like it.

  5. christian.hvid

    Speaking of Outlook Mobile, here's a pet peeve of mine: I live in one of several countries where people tend to base all their medium and long term planning on week numbers. This week is always referred to as "week 13", never as "the week of March 25th" or anything like that. Consequently, a calendar without week numbers is basically useless around here.

    Supporting week numbers in the Outlook calendar would be super trivial, probably less than a day's worth of coding. But Microsoft just won't do it (except in the desktop version). Meanwhile, Google has supported week numbers since forever in their app. I suspect this is just another example of how US-centric Microsoft is - if a feature isn't important to American users, it's not important at all.


    • wright_is

      In reply to christian.hvid:

      Same here. Everything is done in week numbers. You can display it on the desktop, as long as you are in month view, but on day or week views it isn't shown.

      On mobile I haven't seen any option.

  6. minke

    I have the Outlook icon on Android and I think it is ugly. Looks like a one-eyed robot leering at me--maybe they are preparing us for the future when the icon will be a one-eyed, AI-powered robot that polices our every move and reports them to Big Brother!

  7. wright_is

    I also notice the new icon is used in the status bar (in monochrome form) at the top of the screen for displaying notifications.