O365 family sub migration question


I can’t find an answer to this anywhere on MS site or their support forums so thought I’d ask here.

I have an O365 family sub paid for by me and with my Microsoft account as the ‘owner’. My wife and kids also use it via their own MS accounts and have stuff in their Onedrives etc.

I have a terminal illness and want to migrate ownership and payment of the O365 licence to my wife before I die, so that she and the kids can continue to access the features and more importantly their Onedrives without interruption. Does she just take out a new family sub and move her and the kids over to it and her existing Onedrive migrates or will it wipe and give her a new one?

My own onedrive content will be downloaded and backed up seperately as I’d expect that to be lost when my account is deactivated. Annoyingly the same is likely to be true of the 3 years of gamepass attached to it unless anyone is aware of a workaround for that?

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  1. a113e21

    My suggestion would be to leave the password where your wife can access it when the time comes. One of my family members had an unexpected passing and we seized control of the main email address and reset passwords where needed so the wife could carry on with the electronic accounts.

    I don't believe there is a way to just transfer an account.

    Sorry to hear about your situation...

  2. darkgrayknight

    You can just purchase O365 from her account and migrate the other accounts to it. The individual accounts all contain their own data and remain with them regardless of who/where the owner/purchaser account is. I have two separate accounts that I maintain for the 7+ accounts in my family and have moved them from one to the other at various times without issue. Also as the a113e21 states, passing on the password and account is good idea.

    Also, sorry to hear about your situation...

    • wright_is

      Yes, I tried to post more or less the same response over the weekend, but posting was unfortunately broken.

      @SPACEIN_VADER sorry to hear about your situation. :-(

  3. gregsedwards

    I'll also add that your spouse should be an organizer who can continue managing your Microsoft family group in your absence. Just like you, she can set limits, manage devices, etc. But I'll agree with others that it's a good idea to make sure she has your account password. There's no reason to worry that your account will be deactivated, as long as someone logs in occasionally. My father-in-law passed a few years ago, and his MSA is still accessible.

    Also, sorry to hear about your situation. You're a great dad and husband for thinking of your family's convenience at such a personally challenging time. Wishing you all the best.

  4. spacein_vader

    Thanks all for your kind responses. I'll try migrating it as DarkGrayKnight suggests after taking a backup first. I know that in all likelihood the account will stay open after I'm gone but I don't want them to wake up one day years from now and find all their documents and photos are gone.

    Anything I can do to make life a little easier for them in the long run has to be worth it.

  5. damiendada

    Hi, I also don't believe that there is a way to transfer an account.