office 365 business help needed



I own a very small business (5 people in total) and we have an Office365 business plan. I have two problems which I can’t solve:

1) is it possible to have guests working with us, especially in teams and todo? Often we have free lancers working for us for just a few hours every month or for specific projects and we cannot buy additional licenses for them, especially because they are too many working for us for little time. Is there a way they can join our todo lists or participate in our activities in Microsoft teams? I am aware they can open a free microsoft account but with that one there is no way, as far as I know, for them to connect with a business account.

2) how does the note sharing feature of OneNote exactly works? I create a new notebook on one drive in a folder that is shared with other team members (with Office365 business licenses). They can access the notebook by going to OneDrive on the web and clicking on it but that opens the online version of OneDrive. How do they open it in the OneDrive application on their computers? We cannot find a way to open files that others shared nor a way for them to add shared files to their own OneDrive. Is there some sort of team folder as in dropbox?

I am aware I should ask these questions on a microsoft support forum but I had very bad experiences in the past and it turned out to be just a loss of time. I was wondering if someone here encountered such issues and could maybe help.

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