OneNote vs. Evernote

Hey guys. Well, I’ve finally done it. After using OneNote for several years, I decided to seek greener pastures due to issues I’ve had with syncing. So, I’m now using Evernote.

Don’t get me wrong, because OneNote is a nice-looking application, but the problems I’ve had with syncing and the feature creep finally pushed me over the edge.

I think Evernote is really nice, and yes, I decided to sign up for the paid subscription, but I do feel like it’s worth it for my needs. I like its layout and the workflow, and the fact that it feels a little bit “lighter” than OneNote. It’s quite an elegant piece of software.

But the thing is, if I had to be really honest, I’ve run into one or two syncing issues with the Evernote mobile apps, too. So now I’m afraid to use the mobile apps; I only use them for reading notes, not for editing (for editing I only use the desktop app).

So yeah, sometimes I feel like I just can’t win. But I think I’m going to stick with it.

Anyone else struggling with their personal OneNote/Evernote tug of war?

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