Outlook 2016 account setup with Gmail has changed?


Setting up an Gmail account in my Office 365 Personal account Outlook 2016 I find there is a change to the options which provide little control?

Is it just me? I think I’m going mad as can find nothing about this by a Google search.

Can’t sync Sent emails with Gmail seems to be no advanced controls to tweak as there once was in Outlook 2016.

Could someone please check this with similar Outlook 2016 / Gmail account and tell me I am in another world?

If the change has come about why has it not been reported by the likes of Thurrott.com etc. ?

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  1. letsmakeitbetter

    Further investigation shows old advanced controls still working via Control Panel > Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016) (32-bit).

    Appreciate Gmail not intended to be used in Outlook but via web browser, however my customers have the expectation it should work in their Outlook email client.

  2. Robert_Wood

    I've never had that issue with Outlook 365 and Gmail. The biggest issue I have is no calendar sync that auto updates, but the email works just fine. If your clients are using Windows 10, you could suggest they use Windows 10 mail with their gmail. That works very well and there's no calendar sync issues.

    • letsmakeitbetter

      In reply to Robert_Wood:

      Thanks Robert. Like you I have long had little issue with Outlook 365 and Gmail. The interface change must be recent. Agree calendar and contacts sync for Gmail available on Windows 10 mail is great. Makes you wonder what would be so hard to make this happen in Outlook 2016. I find older clients used to the dreaded Windows Live Mail dislike Windows 10 mail intensely.