Outlook.com domains are back


Hi guys,

I just noticed that the option to register your own domain with outlook.com is back when you have an Office 365 subscription.

But this time its different then the last one. You need a GoDaddy Domain. In the past, you could use every ISP.

Paul, do you have any information if this is now a permanent thing. Thanks.



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  1. yaddamaster

    excellent. Now bring back custom domains for a reasonably sized family. 10 people would be reasonable

  2. Paul Thurrott

    I was literally just looking at that. Interesting.

  3. richardfenoglio

    I'm not getting that message when I login, but wondering if that is because my Outlook.com Premium (V2 with custom domain) subscription also has not yet expired. Hoping this means Microsoft will reintroduce custom domains domains into the Office 365 family subscription for everyone.

  4. Minke

    It's too bad you have to use GoDaddy, which is not the best IMHO. Everyone I know who has used them has moved on to other, cheaper providers that also don't constantly try to upsell you on things you don't want.

  5. SherlockHolmes

    I just moved my domain to GoDaddy. It worked really quickly. After 24 hours you can setup your persolized E-Mail Adresse in the Premium setting in outlook.com. You dont need to setup DNS settings. Great. Hope it works good too.

  6. RobotRaccoon

    And here I just paid for a year of G Suite to do custom domain email for my family. Great.

    But GoDaddy is a non-starter for me. If that's the only registrar that can be used with Outlook.com, then I'm still a hard pass.

  7. SherlockHolmes

    So far I can say that its working perfectly. I can set my personal e-mail as my primare login at my Microsoft account. So far, so good. Hope that solution stays.

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