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First of all, I want to make sure I do not come off as bitter, I really want Microsoft to be successful.

In the last few new service releases, MS To-Do and Microsoft Customer Manager, the intention of the services is excellent, the execution has been challenged.

In both cases, the Microsoft marketing people seem to be disconnected from the dev teams and operational teams.

MS To Do:

day of announcement, available for commercial accounts, 5 days later it shows up as a service in O365 portal

day of announce, O365 support have no idea or training on service that is provisioned from O365 portal

The services that To Do might integrate are unclear, one person say MS Planner, another says no

Wunderlist feature like subtasks, sharing are not available with initial release, why does Winderlist work well on AWS and after a year To Do cannot function same as Wunderlist (did the Winderlist team not get memo of faster releases)

On to Outlook Customer Manager:

Was announced last year, started showing up 2 weeks ago.

Who support this service, O365 commcerial support do not seem to know it.

April 24/17, Microsoft announced OCM for IOS coming in a few weeks, how can you release a customer facing service without mobile same day. The last communcations from MS was make the feature request for mobile, they already have rendering on their web site

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    09 May, 2017 - 12:29 pm

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