Spontaneously upgraded from Office 2016 H&B to 365 Premium for ‘Grace Period’..?


I arrived to my office to see an update in progress. Upon completion, Excel looked strangely similar to my Office 365 version on my personal laptop. I ran cscript ospp.vbs /dstatus, and I see two sections with two Product ID’s: One says ‘Office16HomeBusinessR_Retail3 edition’, with the last 5 digits of my license that match up to my account page. The second section says ‘Office160365HomePremR_Grace edition’, with ‘REMAINING GRACE: 4 days’. I never signed up for this, or received any notification! When I hit Account, it still reads ‘Product Activiated: Microsoft Office Home & Business 2016’. No mention of 365 anywhere. Has anyone else experienced this?

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  1. jjsararas

    Ok, I just noticed the splash screen now reads 365, but the Account page reads 2016! I wonder, if I do any modelling in Power Pivot (which didn't and doesn't exist in 2016H&B-I was so excited I thought MS came to it's senses and included it in an update!), will those changes/relationships disappear when this 'trial' ends? I'd sure like to have some advanced knowledge of what/any impacts that may await.

  2. pderosa

    Did you suffer any negative consequences from this or did it just fix itself?