Transfering a subscription from family to personal in Microsoft 365.

I am asking for help here from people who are far more technical as I, but I am going round in circles trying to transfer my 365 subscription from a family one to a personal one, and I cannot find a simple solution, all I get is vauge threats that I will lose this or that benefit. Then the pop us, renew subscription, from what I gather I have to delete my current subscription first. but it won’t let me, then take out new one, why I have no idea. The main bother, for Microsoft that is, is that I am trading down to a lower cost option as all the benefits of the Family subscription I never use, so a personal choice is the option for me. But of course at a lower cost for Microsoft, but my contribution is but a grain of sand on a beach, and now I am asking for help. I’m in the UK by the way and the difference in subscription is £20, not sure what it is in dollars, $30 maybe? My original subscription is £79;99 again I would surmise around $80/85, these are only guesses. Thanks.


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