Why I Won’t Sign Up for Premium


Another day, another negative Premium post from Paul.  It’s getting harder and harder to take this site seriously as Paul just seems to come up with some negative spin on everything MSFT.  There’s really no need to read the article, you know the conclusion.  Windows Phone is dead and those who appreciate its strengths are self delusional.  Surface products are overpriced, buggy, and have features that apply only to a tiny sliver of people.  UWP is an awful failure, Windows 10 is great or terrible (depending on what Paul’s mood is apparently), etc., etc., etc.

Paul’s incessant need to be right, be able to say “I told you so,” and find the negative in everything has become tiresome to me.  Snark for snark’s sake is lazy and adds nothing to the conversation.  This site is slowly becoming the Perez Hilton of the tech world (to be fair, Apple and Google also get their fair share of ridicule here).  It’s a shame Paul is looked to as one of the main sources in the tech world for all things Microsoft.

I don’t expect pollyana fanboyism.  Fair criticism is fair criticism.  The way criticism is presented here is so smug and the way opinion is presented as cold hard fact is the flip side of the fanboy coin.  I stopped listening to Windows Weekly months ago as it has basically become a broken record.  I won’t sign up for Premium here and find myself coming here less and less.  For as much as Paul calls out other sites for their clickbait headlines, he’s equally as guilty (if not moreso).

Yes, Daniel Rubino can be a bit too rah-rah, but there are other bloggers and other content on WindowsCentral that has merit.  Winbeta and Neowin are other decent sources.  Despite Paul’s negativity, it seems that Microsoft is slowly changing the way the larger tech world sees them.  Despite Paul’s opinion, I’m not embarrassed to own and enjoy my Surface Book or my Windows Phone.  It would be really great if another voice in the blogosphere emerged that presents a more balanced, constructive, and informative voice for those of us who follow Microsoft.

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