Integrate Cameras with Xbox


So, I was talking to my Invoke the other evening, and Cortana misheard a command (which she does semi-frequently). Anyway, this time around she replied, “I can only stream cameras on your Xbox. Try saying ‘Show my camera on my Xbox.’” When I followed up with “Show my camera on my Xbox,” she replied “I do not yet support what you are trying to do.” Here’s a video:

Now, it’s possible that they’re rolling out some new feature that’s not quite done yet, but it’s also entirely possible that the platform already supports this, and I just don’t have a compatible camera configured.

So I figured I’d ask here…does anyone know which existing cameras might be supported in this way by Cortana? Nest, tp-Link, Geeni, Insteon? I have several Honeywell Lyric thermostats already, and if it makes sense, I might check out one of their C1 or C2 cameras as well. Thanks!

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