Build vs Buy


Is the success (or non-failure) of Microsoft teams vs the constant issues / confusion around Skype, Outlook, Wunderlist, Sunrise, etc show that Microsoft is better off building competing platforms / services than to buy up competitors? That the issues and complications of merging these outside platforms / services with their own out weigh the initial gain of the purchase.

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  1. maethorechannen

    (I'll try this again, as the site ate my comment when I tried to edit it)

    I wonder how much of the problem has to do with most of those products they bought were SOHO (and in Skype's case, consumer) focused while MS are better at enterprise targetted products. Even Teams is mostly just a child friendly façade on top of enterprise tools they already had.

    I'll be interested in seeing how LinkedIn and it's component parts like Linda and SlideShare get digested over the years. I have a feeling they won't have the same sort of issues we've seen with Skype.