groove 2 month after


Microsoft Hello, We’re sending you this message to confirm that your Groove Music Pass subscription ended on December 31st, 2017 when the service was discontinued. You will no longer be charged for monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions for Groove. If you were eligible for a refund, we have either: 1. refunded a prorated amount equal to your remaining subscription to your payment instrument we have on file; or 2. refunded an amount equal to 120% of the value of your remaining subscription(s) in the form of a credit to your Microsoft account, if we could not refund the payment instrument we have on file. Spend by January 20th, 2019. Full terms available at For details on subscription cancellation and refunds, please refer to the FAQ. It has been a pleasure having you as customer on Microsoft services, thank you! Microsoft

Note: This message was sent from an unmonitored address. Please do not respond to this message.

Well they told us generally 2 months before they did it, but now its official 2 months after the fact. Are they updating this app anymore? or will they go back to wmp 12.

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  1. stevenlack

    They've said multiple times Groove isn't dying, just the streaming service. They added a whole bunch of features recently.

  2. moruobai

    lol still working on adding a visualizer?!?!!

    come on now. winamp 2 was better. just kill it already.

  3. Lauren Glenn

    It took a while for OneDrive to populate mine, but I loaded in all my music files to OneDrive into a newly created Music folder (since I deleted the old one). After a few days, all the files showed up in Groove.

    If anything, that's probably it's best feature since it has no real DSP features like Player Pro does on Android. It's just a dumber version of Windows Media Player.